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Put on a mask and snorkel and marvel at the amazing world beneath the waves. Bali has ideal tropical clean water which rich and amazing marine life and corals. Almost anyone can snorkel, you do not need to be a great swimmer just comfortable getting into the water and ready for a great adventure.

A great choice as a family activity because it is safe for children and at the same time they can have some fun with their parents.

We have a special area for snorkeling with its beautiful and rich underwater life. You will be snorkeling at one of the most famous dive sites at Batu Besar (Big Stone).

For beginners who have never had the experience of snorkeling before, don’t worry because your dive guide can supply you with a life jacket. Your dive guide will be always close to help.

 Snorkeling Rates

  • US$30 per person – Duration 1 hour.

Minimum 2 person booking

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